Now in 9 Countries Around The World!

EZPZ proudly presents the best queen cage around!

Raising queens is full of challenges. Let EZPZ help you protect your valuable investment by keeping your queens safe from threats. Whether you use JZBZ, Nicot or even your own wax cell cups for raising queens, this cage is for you! Keep your cells from being torn down or killed by a rogue queen. Keep your newly emerged virgins from fighting each other. Organize your cages in the incubator and store more with compact, efficient trays. Start here for raising your own queens or take your queen breeding to the next level with EZPZ!

Now Licensed in the UK!

We're very pleased to announce that Broadsbee in the Norfolk Broads is licensed to manufacture and sell EZPZ products directly to beekeepers in the UK! Please use the link below to access their shop directly.