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EZPZ Queen Cages

EZPZ Queen Cages

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Sold as a pack of 30. The EZPZ queen cage was designed specifically for the JZBZ cell cup and fits just right. It also fits the Nicot cup holder. Candy Caps are available separately to use the cages for introduction. 

Use them to protect your queens as they emerge from JZBZ started cells. They fit over the cell bar so you can use it in a finisher or pop them off and finish in an incubator.

Each cage has two small troughs in the bottom for adding a drop of honey and/or water. A syringe without the needle can be used to add either through a side hole near the bottom of the cage. If you buy a Set, you'll get a free syringe! Or, just smear a little through with your finger and leave it upright long enough for the honey to settle in.

A note on 3D printing: These cages are designed to be sturdy and functional. They don't have a fine finish. I could make them truly beautiful but it would take much longer for each one and they would cost more. They work well and the queens don't mind a bit. Please do read the page on caring for the equipment.

 Use them alone for your JZBZ or Nicot cells, or combine with the EZPZ Tray for use in your incubator. 

When handling a queen cell on a JZBZ cup, I recommend using a pair of pliers for better control. The ribs of the EZPZ cage can catch one rim first and drive the cell against the opposite wall. Also, wax and propolis can make it harder to insert or remove. A multi-tool or small pair of pliers will work great.


Please note that there are a number of different cell cups and holders on the market often being offered as true JZBZ and Nicot. The suitability and fit may be off.

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