I’m Dan Long and I LOVE beekeeping! I started back in 1996 but have only been really serious about it since 2011 when we moved our business and family to Athens, Georgia USA. I am a Georgia Master Beekeeper and was honored to be elected State Beekeeper of the Year in 2022.

I’ve been President of my local club for many years and have spoken to clubs and state association meetings for a long time, too. I manage a few dozen colonies for honey, pollen and nuc production.

Testing the Day Tripper

I've been raising queens for my own hives and nuc production, mostly using JZBZ cell cups. Like many of you, I struggled to make the hair roller cages work with mixed success. I’ve always been a “maker” and got into 3D printing a few years ago. There are dozens of cool designs for beekeeping available to online print but my favorite thing to do is dream up my own, based on real needs. The EZPZ Queen Cage is the result of a long journey of prototyping and test printing with ideas and support of beekeepers along the way. 

I hope you find them as useful as I do!