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EZPZ Queen Rearing Kit

EZPZ Queen Rearing Kit

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The EZPZ Queen Rearing Kit is centered around the award winning EZPZ Queen Cage and includes everything you need to raise and protect up to 60 queens queens in your apiary. After that, you only need more cell cups to keep making more.

Everything is Made In America except the grafting tools (and I'm working on that, too!) The cell bars and cups are genuine JZBZ. This is very important for successful grafting and to use with the EZPZ components.

 If you've never grafted before, don't worry! With a little practice you'll be doing it easily. Choose a great donor queen and make a strong starter. I like using the Cloake Method because it's a starter and finisher in one and the colony isn't sacrificed for the sake of the queen cells. Sue Cobey wrote a great article about it. You can use other methods with this kit, too. I also recommend the book Queen Rearing Essentials to hone your skills.

  • 30 EZPZ Queen Cages
  • 30 EZPZ Candy Caps
  • 60 JZBZ Cell Cups
  • 2 JZBZ Cell Bars
  • 1 EZPZ Tray
  • 1 5ml syringe and dispensing needle
  • 1 Marking pen (light green for 2024)
  • 2 frame brackets for holding cell bars on a deep frame
  • 1 Chinese grafting tool

The frame brackets should be attached to a new deep frame with the U's facing up and the top of the bracket at or near the top bar as shown. It allows for 2 bars of cells if you're adding cages on the bars or 3 bars if not. They may be attached with small screws or glue. Gorilla Super Glue works well. Use plenty and get it done days in advance so the fumes don't discourage the nurse bees.


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