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EZPZ Beekeeping Equipment

EZPZ Queen Cager 2.0

EZPZ Queen Cager 2.0

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The EZPZ Queen Cager 2.0 is designed to make it simple to cage your queen and attendants right off the frame. It's very useful for folks who prefer not to pick up queens and attendants by hand.

Place the EZPZ Cage on the chute just enough to hold it securely. There's no need to jamb it on hard. Slide the plunger open and place the cage over the queen and attendants or just the queen if you prefer. Holding the body between your index and middle fingers, close the plunger slowly with your thumb to corral the bee(s) into the chute and the cage. This can also be done with two hands if you have a place to rest the frame while working. The plunger is designed to gently click at the closed position so the bees don't sneak back out as you work. Pop the cage off the Cager and and quickly place a prepared Candy Cap into the opening; being mindful of the queen.

A note on 3D printing: The Cagers are designed to be sturdy and functional. They don't have a fine finish. I could make them truly beautiful but it would take much longer for each one and they would cost more. They work well and the queens don't mind a bit. Please do read the page on caring for the equipment. All EZPZ Queen Cager 2.0's are now made with PETG which is UV resistant and much more stable at high temperatures!

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