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EZPZ Beekeeping Equipment

Yellow Legged Hornet Trap

Yellow Legged Hornet Trap

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This is a monitoring trap for Yellow-Legged Hornets (Vespa velutina) designed to allow bycatch to escape. It fits a standard wide mouth mason jar. While it can be used to kill hornets, the purpose is to monitor and report capture to your department of agriculture. A sweet bait may be used. It is recommended that it be placed in a small tub inside the jar with a paper towel wick.  In this way, the hornet can be caught and held for the authorities to track it back to the nest. Placement beside or under your hive can work. A summer bait of raw fish can be useful for foragers seeking protein.

Here's more information from the UGA Bee Program

Made of PLA+. Avoid hot location storage and direct sunlight.

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