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EZPZ Beekeeping Equipment



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Keep your cages organized and safe in the incubator with this tray. Each will hold 30 cages securely, even when held at an angle or jostled (but try not to jostle your cells!). Along one side, there's a slot to place a card for record keeping or notes. You can also put a little tape on one edge and write on it with Sharpie. 

 4 trays will fit in the typical 25 liter reptile incubator for a total of 120 cages.

 6 trays will fit in a Hovabator 1588 for a cpacity of 180 cages.

 Each measures 6-3/8 x 5in. Please check your incubator for best fit. Trays now include a small finger tab as shown in the second picture. This makes removal from the incubator much easier.

 When you buy a Set, it comes with 30 cages, 30 Caps and a tray.

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