EXPO Discount Offer!

Protect Your Queens!

We're excited to be meeting you at the North American Honey Bee Expo in January! If you've never raised your own queens before, we've got a nice Kit to make it easier to get started. It includes cages, caps, trays, brackets, bars and cell cups.

We've even added in a pair of grafting tools and a marking pen suitable for 2024 (green). 

 Those of you with experience will know the frustration of losing queen cells and virgins when they're not properly protected. For you, the cage is an essential start and the rest will depend on the equipment you already have. We recommend the Set if you already have JZBZ cups and bars. Other components are all designed to work with the EZPZ system and will enhance your productivity and protect your queens.

 We're offering a 10% discount for all orders picked up at the Expo! Just use the code NAHBE24 at checkout. This is good for any size order from a single Candy Cap to as much as you want! Shop now for best availability!