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EZPZ Beekeeping Equipment

EZPZ Queen Banking Bar

EZPZ Queen Banking Bar

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$5 discount for 3 or more bars purchased!

Note: frames are shown with 3 bars. Cages are sold separately and frames are not included. One bar will hold 20 EZPZ Cages.

Banking queen bees is handy under various circumstances. Maybe you are holding virgins for instrumental insemination and you don't have an incubator or you feel having them in with actual nurse bees would be better. Banking mated queens is useful for holding until customers pick them up or you're ready to use them yourself. 

Here's a Guide to Banking Queens

Assembly Instructions: The EZPZ Banking Bar comes with 5 pieces. The center bridge piece must be glued to the two halves of the bar. Apply a moderate amount of super glue (Gorilla brand works very well) to all 8 inside surfaces of the bridge and insert the halves all the way. Consider test fitting the pieces before applying glue. It's also helpful to place the outside ends of the bar in the end brackets (without glue!) to make the assembly level.  Take your time and remember not to glue the end brackets to the bars. Allow the glue to set overnight and avoid using with bees for a week due to trace amounts of glue solvent vapors escaping.

 Using an 7/32in bit, drill end bars centered at 23mm, 88mm and 153mm up from the bottom of a deep Langstroth frame for fitting 3 rows. The measurements must be made carefully and the drill bit must not "walk" while you make the holes. Precise measurements will assure clearance for tilting the bars out when loaded with cages. Test fit the end brackets. They should be snug in the hole but able to be tilted to about 45 degrees from upright. For medium or shallow frames, only one row will fit without modification to the end bars and bottom bar. For non-standard frames, please contact us and include dimensions. If the holes are wrong the first time, try again and use the old one for regular comb frames in your hives.

 Usage: With all end brackets in place and the bars' glue set (give them a day), test fit the bars in the brackets. Due to slight variations in the 3D printing process the fit may be snug. For repeated placement and removal of the entire bar, it may be sanded where it fits into the brackets. 

 The bars are designed for gentle handling which we'd expect you to do with your queens anyway. Use our Grafting Station bars (pictured) to hold the frame securely at an angle (or lean it against a solid object) and tilt the brackets outward. place a bar into each bracket pair and then fill them with cages. Grasp the end brackets with thumbs and fingers of both hands and gently tilt the bar into position. Repeat for the other bars on the frame. Take your time and be careful. Remember, your queens are an investment! Follow the banking guide linked above for best results.

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